The Trusted Way
to Sell a Used Vehicle

This CPO Program drives more buyers and profits to you.

For eligible vehicles with up to 175,000 miles, this innovative program combines a comprehensive pre-purchase vehicle inspection, vehicle history and title report, and a limited warranty & roadside assistance program, which is transferred to the buyer when you sell.

When you provide this level of transparency and assurance before and after the sale, it helps attract more buyers and immediately increases your vehicle’s value, in some cases as high as 25%.

Get Your Vehicles in Front of Buyers Right Now

Promote Your Vehicle on Facebook Marketplace with ZERO Effort

We’ll grab your inventory and automatically upload vehicles to Facebook Marketplace for you.

  • You DON’T need a Facebook  account
  • Automatically update your online inventory all day, every day
  • Post unlimited vehicles for one low monthly fee


Our service helps you... Earn More Sell Faster Certify Vehicles

NEW leasing program for used vehicles

More drivers today are choosing vehicle leasing instead of traditional auto finance methods. For many drivers, leasing is more affordable, flexible and enjoyable than buying.

Up until now, vehicle leasing was only available for NEW vehicles or for CPO vehicles at a franchise dealer.

But now, the NEW Trusted Car Lease™ program allows independent dealers to offer a unique and innovative lease program for your USED vehicle inventory, which helps you:

  • Attract new shoppers to your lot
  • Stop cutting retail prices to win customers
  • Sell vehicles faster 
  • Earn the highest profit per unit

Get Instant Alerts from Buyers

Never miss another buyer lead.

We direct all buyer leads to your Trusted Sale Listing pageWhen a buyer visits your listing page, we make it super-easy for them to send along questions about the vehicle, schedule a test drive, and even make an offer directly from their mobile device or computer.

Then, we’ll send you an instant text message alert with their request, so you can instantly respond and engage. We’ll even send you an email so you always have a backup for every lead.

Plus, to help you track activity, we’ll send you a daily email notification showing listing page visit data from the prior day.

Give Buyers the Features They Really Want

Your Trusted Sale Listing page makes it easy for buyers to learn about your vehicle and securely contact you. Plus, buyers get access to these included features:

  • FREE vehicle history report
  • Window sticker *
  • Certified Pre-owned Program & limited warranty
  • Vehicle financing & extended service contracts

View sample page

* on compatible vehicles

We Help You Sell Like a Pro

Trusted inspection, repair & detail partners

Trusted Sale offers professional cleaning & detail services – along with expert vehicle inspections and repairs through our trusted partner networks, who will make your vehicle sparkle and increase your profits.

Now, You Can Offer F & I Options

Trusted Sale Pros offers extended service contracts and buyer financing options that will help drive more buyers into your dealership, and deliver higher profits into your bottom line.

Simple, sensible, & fair pricing

We charge a low monthly fee of $49 to automatically upload and promote your inventory, no matter how many vehicles you need us to promote, with an unlimited number of leads delivered straight to your phone or inbox. And, our affordable CPO fees are automatically deducted from the transaction, only after you sell the vehicle.

Unlimited vehicles, unlimited leads

Pay just $49 a month to automatically promote an UNLIMITED number of vehicles on Facebook Marketplace. Includes UNLIMITED leads, auto-responses and instant text & email alerts.

No CPO Program Fees Until You Sell

For any vehicle that meets eligibility requirements, we’ll provide you with a limited warranty fee price quote BEFORE you list the vehicle for sale*.  Pay this surprisingly affordable fee ONLY AFTER the vehicle has been sold. 

* The amount of the limited warranty fee varies by vehicle class and mileage.

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