Trusted Sale Pros – FAQ’s

Trusted Sale Pros is the success platform for small independent auto dealers.

The platform provides small independent auto dealers with tools and services that simplify and automate inventory promotion and lead management, generate increased interest from buyers, and help increase profits and decrease time to sell.
The Trusted Sale Pros program helps independent dealers:
  • Save time and money getting inventory advertised to buyers
  • Attract more buyers
  • Sell more vehicles, faster
  • Earn more profit per vehicle
The platform will automatically:
  • Upload, update and promote your vehicle inventory, every day
  • Assure vehicle eligibility and costs for the Trusted Sale CPO Program
  • Build individual Trusted Sale Listing pages  (VDP) for each of your vehicles
  • Certify vehicles under the Trusted Sale CPO Program
  • Create instant access for buyers to vehicle history & title reports, detailed vehicle information, manufacturer recall and warranty info, reviews and more
  • Promote your inventory to Facebook Marketplace & other marketplaces you choose
  • Generate an unlimited number of buyer leads
  • Re-direct buyer leads from Facebook Marketplace to Trusted Sale Listing pages
  • Send instant alerts via text message and email when buyers request information about a vehicle
  • Provide access to Trusted Sale's network of local inspectors, repair, re-conditioning and detail pros.
The Trusted Sale CPO Program is a win-win for buyers and sellers.

For eligible vehicles, the Trusted Sale Certified Pre-Owned Program (a.k.a. “CPO Program”) provides buyers with additional assurance when purchasing a used vehicle from your dealership, by including a 3- month, 3,000-mile limited warranty. This turns a good deal, into a “great deal” for a buyer. (see details of coverage here).

And, certified vehicles earn profits of 5.9% compared to 4.7% for non-certified vehicles and sell up to 20 days faster. By offering buyers a limited warranty, vehicle history & title reports and secure cash-less transactions you'll sell vehicles faster and for more money.
Monthly Fee
Pay one low monthly price # of $49 which includes promotion of an unlimited number of vehicles.

# Please note that a  one-time $100 inventory activation fee is required to activate your Trusted Sale Pros account. This is a one-time charge. 

Limited Warranty Fees
For vehicles certified and sold under the Trusted Sale CPO Program, a limited warranty fee is required to be paid in order to release the limited warranty document to the buyer. The price of this limited warranty fee varies by vehicle class and mileage, and is paid once the vehicle has been sold.
Eligibility for the Trusted Sale CPO Program requires a vehicle to pass a multi-point vehicle safety and mechanical inspection and road test, conducted by a "Trusted Inspector".

Trusted Inspectors can include your own staff or any authorized mechanic (ASE certified preferred) you work with, provided they conduct the inspection criteria using the Trusted Inspectors online inspection service.

The Trusted Inspectors online inspection service makes it easy for mechanics, service staff or repair center partners to conduct vehicle inspections and submit the results online. Once a vehicle passes inspection, it is automatically promoted to buyers as certified under the program.