Used Leasing Makes More Sense,
while Saving You More Dollars


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Leasing your next used car for all the right reasons.

There’s a reason more drivers today are choosing vehicle leasing instead of traditional auto finance methods: for many drivers, leasing is more affordable, flexible and enjoyable than buying. If you enjoy driving a new car every three to four years, want to reduce your monthly payment, and wish to pay less up-front, with a lower commitment, auto leasing can be an excellent choice.

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Drive the Car you Want

You wouldn’t buy a house if you knew it was going to go down in value. You wouldn’t invest in stocks knowing you were going to lose money. Why buy a car knowing it is going to lose value? Leasing gives you the ability to get a new car every three to four years, and never worry about being upside down.

Enjoy Lower Monthly Payments

No matter which vehicle you choose, we’ll work hard to ensure a monthly payment that makes sense for you. In some cases, you may pay half as much for vehicle leasing as you would for a purchase, on a monthly basis.

Pay Less Upfront

You don’t need a large down payment for a Trusted Car Lease. Many auto finance companies routinely charge 10% or more of the purchase price to buy a new vehicle — but through our partnership with MUSA Auto Finance, you are only required to pay your first monthly payment upfront!

Get a New Car Every 3 to 4 Years

Drive away in a new or late-model vehicle today, and when your lease is up, trade it in for something different — without increasing your car payment, or dealing with the hassle of trading in a car worth thousands less than you paid for it. Auto leasing lets you drive a newer car, more often.

Avoid Depreciation

Vehicles are among the fastest depreciating “assets” you can buy — so much so that most economists don’t consider them to be valuable assets at all. When you choose vehicle leasing instead, you’re never “upside down,” owing more to the bank than the vehicle is actually worth.

A Great Car without the Commitment

With a Trusted Car Lease, you can enjoy driving any car you choose, without making a long-term commitment. Vehicle leasing terms are shorter than most auto finance purchase agreements — and at the end of your lease, it’s easy to switch to a different vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Trusted Car Lease Program is a used vehicle leasing program that features low payments and flexible terms on high quality used cars. The Trusted Car Lease Program helps you save money and offers the flexibility to switch to a different vehicle every 3-4 years.  And, you and the vehicle are completely covered against unexpected loss or high repair cost for the term of the lease. Eligible vehicles are less than 5 years old and have no more than 75,000 miles and are offered through local used car dealers that participate as "Trusted Sale Pros" dealers.
Unlike a new car lease, Trusted Car Lease is built for USED cars. Used car leases offer lower monthly payments than traditional used auto loans, and provide drivers with greater flexibility. What makes Trusted Car Lease truly unique is the full transparency and protection you get knowing that your vehicle has been thoroughly inspected and protected against unexpected costs in the future. Each vehicle is certified under the Trusted Sale CPO program and undergoes a comprehensive multi-point safety and mechanical inspection and road test. Plus, the vehicle is protected from day one until the end of the lease term by a "bumper-to-bumper" extended service contract. And, to make sure your leased vehicle is maintained properly, two (2) full-serve premium synthetic lube, oil and filter services are included for each year of your lease.
Your low monthly payment provides protection against loss and/or costly repairs by including:
- Vehicle lease payment including GAP policy
- Vehicle service contract
- Roadside assistance & rental benefit
- Routine maintenance visits
With Trusted Car Lease, all you pay upfront is your first month's lease payment. That's it. That's all. Nothing more. Then, pay one low monthly payment which covers you and your vehicle for the duration of the lease term. Simple. Easy. Awesome!
  • FICO score of 600 and higher
  • Minimum monthly income = $2,000
  • Valid driver's license & phone number, proof of insurance
  • Proof of physical residence
  • Self-employed is OK - with 2 year verifiable history * Other conditions may apply. All employment/income is subject to additional verification.

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