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The future of selling and buying vehicles privately is finally here. Trusted Sale is the first cashless, peer-2-peer solution enabling safe and successful transactions between anonymous sellers and buyers.

The technology is portable, so you can use it on any device, at any time; all you need is internet connection.


Sell Fast…

As a private seller, your #1 goal is to sell quickly without sacrifice; well now you can. The Trusted Sale platform provides a variety of attractive features, all in one central location, which will increase your pool of potential buyers. The more qualified buyers you attract, the faster you can offload your used ride and get paid.

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Make More $…

When you offer features like a free vehicle history report, pre-purchase inspection, and even an extended warranty, there will naturally be more interest. Buyers typically pay more money when they trust the vehicle’s condition, and are offered protection against future problems that could pop up. Earn thousands more the next time you sell!

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ID Verification

Verify buyer and seller identities before you agree to meet in person at a “designated safe zone”

Vehicle History Report

Provide ultimate seller transparency and build trust by offering potential buyers a free vehicle history report.

Pre-purchase inspection

We are partnered with the largest national auto service providers, and offer discounts that can be applied to a pre-purchase vehicle inspection.

Instant Financing

In addition to leveraging digital payment options, buyers now have the ability to secure on demand financing from trusted lenders.

Warranty Protection

Sell an extended warranty as a part of your vehicle package and offer “certified pre-owned”, just like the dealers.

Bill of Sale

Once a vehicle transaction is complete, Trusted Sale automatically generates and distributes a bill of sale to both parties.

Free Sign Up: Beta Test Group

Trusted.Sale is currently seeking beta users for the vehicle specific version of our platform. In order to be considered for this opportunity, please fill out the following form and we will get back to you shortly with further instructions on getting started.

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