2022: “The Best Year to Buy a CPO”

“This is the best year to buy a CPO unit, because it’s going to be more expensive and more difficult going forward, in terms of payment, and in terms of getting the vehicle,”

Jonathan Smoke, chief economist – Cox Automotive

CPO Supply will reach all-time low

The global pandemic, chip shortages and supply chain delays caused new car production to grind to a halt during 2020 and 2021.

That has led to the dramatic reduction in the number of available off-lease vehicles and rental cars which typically make up the bulk of certified pre-owned (CPO) supply. 

This means that available CPO supply will be decreasing from 2022-2024.

CPO demand is steadily growing

Consumer demand for CPO units has grown steadily (even through the pandemic) for 10 years straight. With a lack of new car inventory coupled with record-breaking high prices – CPO is the “next best thing” for would be new car shoppers.

And for used car shoppers, CPO offers them the peace of mind that they are purchasing a reliable vehicle that is thoroughly inspected and protected against costly repairs.

The Solution: Certify the inventory that’s still available

Since used vehicle supply has decreased, available inventory is now older (4-6 years old) and has higher mileage (over 100,000 miles) than in the past.

The Trusted Sale CPO Program allows you to certify vehicles of ANY AGE up to 175,000 miles, which means your can certify the vehicles you currently have on the ground and still acquire from trade-ins, street purchases and auctions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Trusted Sale CPO Program is a win-win for buyers and sellers.

For eligible vehicles, the Trusted Sale Certified Pre-Owned Program (a.k.a. “CPO Program”) provides buyers with additional assurance when purchasing a used vehicle from your dealership. It starts with a 125-point mechanical & safety inspection that includes an extended road test with advanced diagnostic scan, and high resolution photos and video that covers every inch of the vehicle.

The program also includes a comprehensive limited warranty which protects the engine, transmission, front/rear drive axles, transfer case, turbo/supercharger, cooling system, air conditioning system, fuel system, electrical, and seals/gaskets. In addition, the program incudes 4-hour roadside assistance and rental car benefit. (see details of coverage here).

Buyers receive a Trusted Vehicle Report which provides the ultimate in transparency into the vehicle's history and present condition.

This turns a good deal, into a “great deal” for a buyer.

And, certified vehicles earn gross profits of 6-8% higher compared to non-certified vehicles and sell up to 24 days faster. By offering buyers a comprehensive inspection, a limited warranty and vehicle history & title reports you'll sell vehicles faster and for more money.
Affordable Program Fee

The surprisingly affordable program fee includes vehicle inspection, vehicle condition report, VDP photo overlays, program promotion, merchandising, sales collateral and sales support.

Limited Warranty Fees

Select from one of three (3) limited warranty program options:

  • 3-month, 3,000 miles
  • 6-month, 6,000 miles
  • 12-month, 12,000 mile

The cost of the limited warranty fee varies by the option selected, vehicle class, mileage and vehicle equipment and is displayed for each eligible vehicle in the user dashboard.
Eligibility for the Trusted Sale CPO Program requires a vehicle to pass a multi-point vehicle safety and mechanical inspection and road test.

In just 2 clicks, this convenient, economical mobile inspection option dispatches a "Trusted Inspector" to your location who will conduct the inspection on-site, saving you time and money and freeing up your own service techs to complete more profitable reconditioning and service work.

Trusted Inspectors are independent, 3rd-party ASE certified technicians who conduct an extended road test with advanced diagnostics using Blue Driver scanning technology. All inspections are double-checked by a quality assurance team who assures vehicles meet or exceed the certification standard.  This service makes it easy to conduct vehicle inspections and submit the results online. Once a vehicle passes inspection, it is automatically merchandised and promoted to buyers as certified under the program.
Dealer partners have found that using Trusted Sale's inspectors saves them money and time and gets vehicles front-line ready faster.

The advantage of using Trusted Sale's inspection network is that we consistently can get vehicles inspected within 24-48 hours which frees up your service technicians to complete revenue-generating service work and/or reconditioning.

On an exception basis, we do permit inspections to be completed by ASE-certified technicians that work in the dealership provided the dealership utilizes our proprietary Trusted Inspectors software program. There is no additional cost to use the software but dealers need to apply and complete an interview process in order to qualify for this exception.

Dealers approved for this exception will receive a credit equal to the inspection portion of the program fee.
The Trusted Sale CPO Program provides vehicle protection under one of three options:

  • 3-months, 3,000 miles
  • 6-months, 6,000 miles
  • 12-months, 12,000 miles
The coverage can be extended under one of our Trusted Service Contracts for up to 5 years or 60,000 miles from date of contract. (some exclusions and conditions apply).

Or, you can upgrade to our Trusted Service Contract - "Redline" an exclusionary contract which provides comprehensive ("bumper-to-bumper") vehicle protection (see contract for exclusions and conditions that may apply)

You also have the option to extend protection under your dealership's preferred extended service contract programs.

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